The new brand homepage of America’s Essential Hospitals;
a dramatic departure from the industry norm.

This association saw an opportunity to regain powerful influence on nation-wide health care policy. Staff and leadership needed us to build a realistic path toward their ambitious goals.

Content strategy services: We created a custom UI/navigational scheme; developed blog, podcast, and social strategy; and trained the internal communications team on writing and publishing for the web.

Main page of the former websites. The client was managing massive amounts of content sprawled across three web properties and sub-brands. Constituents often called association staff to ask where to find important items on the site(s).

We worked extensively with the client’s audiences to determine how they used and understood the content and relevant language. A thorough taxonomy and tagging/filtering system brought all the important content to the surface.

» America’s Essential Hospitals

What the client said:
"The communications team wanted to share with everyone our amazing progress with the website in the first two months of launch.

  • Our bounce rate has decreased 14.26 percentage points to 49% (industry avg. 40-60).
  • Visitors are staying on our site nearly twice as long (4 min.).
  • People are looking at nearly twice as many pages on our site as they did on in a single visit (4).
  • Our new site takes just 2.19 seconds to load, over 7.5 on the old site."
Other activities:
  • » Survey the 30-year-old organization's culture, history, and business goals
  • » Content audit and SEO strategy
  • » Verbal identity: Write taglines and consistent brand copy; name programs and web properties
  • » Create an on-site social network for the organization's thousands of constituents and engagement strategy
  • » Train internal communications team on the CMS, SEO, and writing for the web
Lead content strategist
Communicating change (formerly NAPH)